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The freshwater aquarium hobby allows hobbyists to keep a wide variety of tropical fish, plant and invertebrate species within amazingly aqua-scaped and stocked aquatic environments. Freshwater aquarium hobbyists have a large, diverse variety of fish species to choose from within the hobby; ranging from tropical community, Cichlids and monster fish species to choose from.

Hobbyists can also choose to keep specialty aquariums that focus on a particular biotope or region of the world. Planted aquariums, tropical community aquariums, rift lake inspired african cichlid aquariums, Amazonian new world cichlid aquariums, monster fish aquariums or even invertebrate only aquariums, which offer freshwater aquarium hobbyists a wide range of options.

Freshwater aquariums can range from tiny 2 gallon aquariums all the way to custom aquariums that contain thousands of gallons of water. Freshwater aquarium fish, plants and invertebrates can be combined to make some incredibly interesting and rewarding aquarium setups for hobbyists ranging from beginners to Experts. With such a wide variety of species available within the freshwater aquarium trade, most any hobbyist will be able to create a fun and interesting aquarium setup.

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